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Orthodontist vs dentist - what’s the difference?

Specialist Orthodontists and dentists are both very important for the health of your smile - but they have completely different jobs. So how do you know who to visit? Let’s break down the differences between these two dental professions.


What sets a Specialist Orthodontist apart from other dentists?

All Specialist Orthodontists once started out as general dentists. Then, they undertook an additional 3 years of postgraduate study to learn how to straighten smiles. This makes them uniquely qualified to create customised treatment plans to help you achieve your smile goals.

A general dentist is who you visit for regular cleanings, fillings, and light cosmetic procedures. While a dentist may offer cheap braces or aligners at their practice, their inexpertise in the field of orthodontics could result in faulty treatment - costing your health and money down the line.

What sets a Specialist Orthodontist apart from other dentists

The roles of an orthodontist vs dentist

We’ve created this chart to help you better understand the unique jobs of a Specialist Orthodontist and a general dentist:

specialists in orthodontics

  Specialist Orthodontist Dentist
Qualifications & Memberships
Bachelor of Dental Surgery (5 years)
Master of Orthodontics (3 years)  
Member of Professional Orthodontic Bodies  
Treatments & Services
6-monthly cleanings  
General advice on oral health
Treatment with braces and aligners Some dentists may provide this, but they are not
specialists in orthodontics
Volume of cases treated Orthodontist specialise exclusively in this field and treat a higher volume of patients and therefore will have more experience, expertise and confidence in over a general dentist  
Able to claim different amounts from health fund  
Experience & training
Trained to fix bite issues  
Specially trained in tooth movement  
Can create custom treatment based on your overall facial profile  
Uses the latest in orthodontic technology  
Attends ongoing orthodontic education  
Is a member of The Invisible Orthodontist (TIO) Network  

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