Hello everyone,

We hope you’ve all had a great start to 2017 and all of our patients who are back at school have settled right in.

Normally I like to wish you all a Happy New Year right away, so I have to apologise that my letter is late. But I have a very good excuse…

It all started before Christmas when Railea slipped in the rain and fell, breaking her elbow sending us straight to the emergency room of St Vincent’s. We managed to make it home for bubbles and seafood, but it wasn’t long before we returned to the ER. This time it was my turn with a fresh hook injury from fishing. I was later hospitalised treating my finger for an infection. And there we were, both plastered up, full of painkillers and antibiotics ringing in the New Year.

Thankfully we are now both on the mend and have enjoyed being back at the practice with our amazing team. We’ve never been more grateful to live in Australia. We have a great health system and even at Christmas time, our dedicated doctors and nurses looked after us and other patients very well at such a busy time of year. A huge thank you to them all!

And as for fishing… well I’ve been sidelined for a few weeks thanks to my injury. However, the extreme heat and constant change of weather has meant that the waters have been very patchy. The fish are there, but they just won’t play.

As 2017 fires up (and not just talking about the recent heat waves) we have said farewell to Dr Liong. We thank her for her contribution and wish her well in her new venture. In saying that, we are delighted that Dr Gus has returned, flying up from Adelaide to see our wonderful patients.

Our resident babies are almost turning one – both Louis and Oliver bring so much joy to our practice. It’s hard to believe a whole year has gone by with them both now almost walking. Congratulations to Laura and Dr Ma for giving the term ‘supermum’ a new meaning – and thanks for letting us all share them for cuddles!

In Kincumber we are very lucky to have Ros and Carolyne looking after all of our lovely patients on the coast. They are a great team – the veggie patch is thriving, the practice is bustling and even our long lost duck has found a new mate. I love visiting Kincumber and can’t wait to be back up again soon.

We have some exciting news for those of you who are approaching the end of your treatment. Patients now have the option of having their teeth scanned for retainers via the new Vivera® retainer program. This means that whether or not you have had traditional braces or Invisalign®, you could choose to have your new smile scanned, instead of having a plaster impression made, for your retainers. The program allows identical retainers to be made with the added advantage that the scans are kept so further retainers can be made at any time if they happened to be lost or damaged in the future.

We are all very excited to be back in action and are very much looking forward to what 2017 has in store. Thanks again for your continued support and choosing us as your treatment provider – we really couldn’t do it without you. Best wishes for a spectacular year and see you all around the practice soon!

Best regards,