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What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics, also known as "orthodontics and dento-facial orthopaedics", is the branch of dentistry dedicated to the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of problems in alignment of the teeth and jaws.

The technical term for teeth and/or jaw problems is called a ‘malocclusion’, which from the Latin literally means bad bite (mal = bad; occlusion = bite).

At The Ortho Practice we focus on recommending treatment when it is of maximum benefit. This is particularly true in younger patients, so we can work with natural growth as much as possible. This focus is backed by a combined 30 years of clinical experience and observation, as well as a commitment to continued teaching and learning.

As well as straightening teeth, orthodontics can help correct and manage a host of other issues such as:

  • Finger and thumb sucking
  • The bite and its function
  • Jaw irregularities
  • Problematic breathing
  • Speech difficulties

Orthodontics helps to align your dental and facial structure, achieving optimum balance and symmetry. Orthodontics achieves this by:

  • Aligning your upper and lower jaws
  • Aligning your facial profile
  • Shaping the fullness of your lips
  • Changing the shape and size of your smile
  • Changing the alignment of your teeth

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